"Recruitment" Menu

Gold Coin Recruitment: Pay 100 Gold to get one random character. 70% chance of a 2-star, and 30% chance of a 3-star character

Silver Coin Recruitment: Pay 10000 Silver to get one random character. 90% chance of a 1-star, 9% chance of a 2-star, and 1% chance of a 3-star character.

Nomination Recruitment: Choose to recruit from a selection of three 1-star, three 2-star, and three 3-star characters, with the selection changing each day. They cost 50, 200, and 500 gold respectively.

Daily Complimentary Recruitment: Get one free character per day.

If a character that has been recruited 5 times is recruited, 25 gold will be received instead.

Train: Pay Silver to levelup a character. Costs 1 silver per 20 XP needed.

Accessory Expansion: Pay large amounts of silver to allow a character to use another accessory. Scales with character rarity and how many slots are already available for it.

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