Difficulty 1 Edit

Village of Goblins (VoG) ゴブリンの集落

Steep Canyon (SC) 険しい峡谷

Lost Forest (LF) 迷いの森

Wet Lands (WL) 大湿地帯

Mountain of Giant (MoG) 巨人の山

Ancient Monument (AM) 古代遺跡

Cult of Goblins (CoG) ゴブリンの祭儀場

Abandoned Cemetery (AC) 捨てられた墓地

Difficulty 2 Edit

Underground Labyrinth (UL) 地下迷宮

Cave of Tragedy (CoT) 悲劇の洞窟

Forest of Darkness (FoD) 暗闇の森

Cave of Water (CoW) 水雫の洞窟

Nest of Lamias (NoR) 蛇女の巣

Valley of Wind (VoW) 風鳴りの谷

Wyvern Mountain (WM) 飛竜の山

Swamp of the Dead (SoD) 死者の沼

Difficulty 3 Edit

Cave of Phagocytosis (CoP) 貪食の洞窟

Tower of Sky (ToS) 蒼空の塔

Laboratory Remains (LR) 研究所跡

Tower of Black (ToB) 漆黒の塔

Cave of Fire Dragon (CoFD) 火竜の洞窟

Hole of Grief (HoG) 怨嗟の穴

Sealed Shrine (SS) 封印の祠

Den of Vipers (DoV) 毒蛇の巣窟

Difficulty 4 Edit

Traces of Brutality (ToB) 残虐の爪痕

Pandemonium (Pnd) 伏魔殿

Hole of Sacrifice (Hos) 生贄の穴

Great White Way (GWW) 不夜城

Volcano of Phoenix (VoP) 不死鳥の火山

Temple of Wind (ToW) 風の神殿

Temple of Fire God (ToFG) 火神の神殿

Corridor to Deep Sea (CtDS) 深海回廊

Difficulty 5 Edit

Entrance of Hell (EoH) 地獄の入口

Cave of Miasma (CoM) 瘴気の洞窟

Cathedral Ruins (CR) 大聖堂跡

Temple of Leviathan (ToL) 水神の祠

Cult of Summons (CoS) 召喚の祭儀場

Pollution Road (PR) 汚濁した街道

Tower of Angel (ToA) 天使の塔

Temple of Death (ToD) 死神の神殿

Difficullty 6 Edit

Nest of Black Dragon (NoBD) 黒竜の住処

Nest of White Dragon (NoWD) 白竜の住処

Nest of Corpse Dragon (NoCD)? 屍骸竜の住処

Nest of Gold Dragon (NoGD)? 金竜の住処

Nest of Fire Dragon (NoFD)? 炎竜の住処

Nest of Poison Dragon (NoPD) 毒竜の住処

Nest of Holy Dragon (NoHD)? 聖竜の住処

Nest of Blue DragonRyu (NoBD)? 蒼竜の住処

Special Edit

Nest of Tsuchinoko (Lucky! Exp+++) つちのこの巣

Hideout of Pirates (Lucky! Silver+++) 海賊の隠れ家

Royal Tomb (Lucky! Gold+++) 王家の墓

Penglai Mountain (Lucky! Card+++) 蓬莱山